All kinds of used saddles are on this site !

When starting in horse riding, the choice of the saddle is often the most feared moment. Dreaded, first of all, because choosing the perfect saddle for his mount and for himself is not always easy. Then, the price of stools often discourages people who want to go into horseback riding. Fortunately, the used saddles are there for them.

Saddles as resistant and powerful as new ones

Used saddles are indispensable riding accessories for anyone who wishes to practice this sport. They have the advantage of being less expensive than new stools. In addition, nowadays, we find them for all equestrian disciplines. So, people who were reluctant to acquire their own saddle because of the price, can now buy one.

You will find among other things on this website stools of all types; Including used french saddles. Indeed, French saddlers are renowned for their savoir-faire and the performance of their products. Saddlers such as Antarès do not deviate from this rule and offer the sportsmen made to measure saddles for all equestrian disciplines. You will also find on the site, used saddles of this brand. These accessories have been reconditioned and processed. They still have long days ahead and they will serve you as well as a new saddle.

Find all types of saddles on our website

If you are looking for a cheap saddle, this website offers you the products of the biggest brands at affordable prices. Find not only Antarès Sellier saddles, but also CWD, Delgrange and many others. These high-performance saddles have been reconditioned to offer maximum comfort and security.

This platform is full of accessories for all kinds and tastes. Most of the stools are made of leather, such as show jumping saddles, endurance saddles or stools. There is an item for all kinds of equestrian sports. As the choice of a saddle depends on several parameters, you will also find tips and other accessories to better equip your horses and ponies.

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